Jaguars, Outer Space Dinosaurs and PBS / by Lex Gjurasic

Photo by Howard Cederlund

Photo by Howard Cederlund

Hello friends,

If you follow me on social media you are already well aware of these updates but I wanted to share them with you directly. Over the past week I’ve been full force fundraising for a project near to my heart. I’ve spearheaded a online campaign on behalf of the Friends of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge on the border near Sasabe, AZ. Currently at the education center at Brown Canyon there is a beautiful jaguar specimen in disrepair. Our goal is to refurbish this beauty and move it to be on display for the public to enjoy at the BANWR visitor center. For me personally, the jaguar, though growingly rare in southern Arizona is a powerful symbol of the need for free migration across the border. Jaguars must roam between Mexico and the US in order to sustain their dwindling population. By sharing the story of the Brown Canyon Jaguar we are able to draw attention the the plight of all the endangered species in the region and the tireelss work of the volunteers at BANWR.

PLEASE read the whole story of the Brown Canyon Jaguar here. LIKE! SHARE! DONATE! In just a week we have raised $780 of our $1850 goal. We are SO CLOSE.

For me this project is a true labor of love and every little bit helps.

BIG thanks to all those who have already given.

Also this week I’ve been working with a different form of wild life! KIDS.

MOCA Tucson invited me to help facitate their children’s installation art camp this summer and its been a blast. At the end of all 3, week long sessions you will have the oppertunity to see the final installations the campers created. Images below are just a sneak peak…

Come by on Friday 6/28 from 5-7pm!

And if you can’t come by you will have a chance to watch the magic unfold on TV! All week we had a crew from Arizona Public Media’s Arizona Illustrated observing the children’s “process.”

I’ll definitly let you know when it airs. SO exciting.

Slow dancing with Minty the Dinosaur  Photo by Eli Burke

Slow dancing with Minty the Dinosaur

Photo by Eli Burke

Come have your mind blown!  Photo by Eli Burke

Come have your mind blown!

Photo by Eli Burke