“I wake up every morning and stare at the exact same painting by Lex. It fills my heart with joy and has been a proven method of getting me out of bed with at least the semblance of a smile on my face.”
–Inga Muscio, feminist and author of the book Cunt


“When I first saw her work I was struck by the freshness and unique approach that Lex has of our desert landscape, seen through the eyes of an artist recently transplanted to Tucson from the Pacific Northwest. It’s very interesting to see how Lex interprets the Sonoran desert, and frankly, quite exciting.”
–Valerie Galloway, artist + curator


“Lex’s work has always existed in a happy place for the love of painting, where pretense isn’t necessary (though there are stories, no doubt). Seeing her work is like digging into a good book or coming across a song you could listen to on repeat. There is a personal trajectory that morphs along with her immediate surroundings. What remains are her unique approach to the electric palette, her mastery of drips and delicate transparencies, and the nature behind her work which for me has always created a joyous burst of energy.”
–Mia Kaplan, artist


“Alexandra is like a vest of bombs.”
-Edie Everette, illustrator + cartoonist


“Alexandra Gjurasic has a fancy for disrupting an orderly scene; in particular, a field of patterned flowers.”
-Pensacola New Journal, July 2012


“Rather than exploiting the similarities of mass-produced objects, Gjurasic emphasizes the variety and richness in multitude through her kokeshi inspired paintings and collages. For the artist, the dolls became symbols of her inner world where fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and transitioning into motherhood were all themes within her work.”
–Maria Kwong, curator of Kokeshi: Folk Art to Art Toy at the Japanese American National Museum and founder of the Los Angeles Toy Doll and Amusements Museum